Date: 13 June-18 June 2022

Place: Inalco – 65 rue des Grands Moulins – 75013 Paris

The CNRS/Labex EFL thematic school "Conditionals 2" to be held in Paris in 2022 will be the second thematic school exclusively devoted to empirical studies on conditionals. It will also be the second school to cover simultaneously the three main empirical aspects of this field of study, namely: linguistics (theoretical, formal, descriptive and typological approaches), logic, and psychology (with psycholinguistic, experimental approaches).

The summer school aims at providing multiple openings on specific topics strongly relevant to the study of conditionals, such as the choice of verb tenses in hypothetical sentences or the weight of alternatives in the development of a reasoning, the study of conditionals in typology / in particular linguistic areas or families, while keeping these topics in a general perspective.

It will offer both basic training and the latest scientific developments, and is intended for both doctoral students and senior researchers.

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